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Discover the Magic of 100% Pure Irish Yarn

Our signature blend of 100% pure Irish wool was designed with all knitters in mind. From those who want to starting knitting to those who have years of experience our Yarn, Knit kits and Patterns were made to empower you to fashion your unique knitted creations using our sustainable eco friendly 100% Irish Yarn.

7 Best Baby Blankets of 2023
If you are looking for a baby blanket for your little one or to purchase one as a gift, you’ve come to the right place. With so many different types of blankets to choose from, we’ve shortlisted the best option...
How To Wash A Wool Blanket
The natural antibacterial properties of pure wool means your Ériu blanket will require less frequent washing. Regular airing will restore freshness, and isolated stains can be spot cleaned with water and a mild or organic soap, dabbing with a lint free cloth.
The History of Irish Wool
In Ireland, there used to be a Woollen Mill in every county. Wool and linen production were some of our biggest industries. Harnessing our natural resources, our creative abilities, and providing community employment was second nature to us, with wool working skills being passed down through the hands of generations.
Bealtine - Mouth of Fire
The month of May in Ireland celebrates the start of the Celtic Summer where fire festivals are created to bring blessings and abundance to the land and animals for the harvest ahead.
Who is Ériu, the Patron Goddess of Ireland?
Queen of fertility, abundance and sovereignty, she is often felt to be the personification of the Land itself. The name Ériu comes from old Irish, which can be translated along the lines of fullness, bounty, abundance. She was from the...
The Benefits of Wool for our Environment
A renewable natural resource Sheep thrive on Irish soil, each year sheep produce new fleeces making it a constantly renewable process. Biodegradable At the end of its useful life, wool can go back into the soil where it decomposes and releases...