Product Care

Your new Ériu blanket is crafted from 100% pure new Irish wool. Produced and treated with loving care by our community of farmers, textile artisans and skilled knitters, with correct treatment this all-natural product will give you a lifetime of comfort and warmth, improving with age, and increasing in softness.

Washing & Drying

The natural antibacterial properties of pure wool means your Ériu blanket will require less frequent washing. Regular airing will restore freshness, and isolated stains can be spot cleaned with water and a mild or organic soap, dabbing with a lint free cloth.

Hand wash in cold or lukewarm water using a mild eco, wool-friendly detergent. Squeeze and move suds through the material, without wringing or stretching the blanket. Rinse thoroughly in clean water.

Carefully remove from the water and press gently in between hands to squeeze out water. Do not wring the blanket! Finally, roll in a towel to remove further liquid.

Line dry for best results.

Do not tumble dry!


We recommend using the presentation box your Ériu blanket comes in for storage. Alternatively your blanket may be stored in a canvas or muslin bag, or wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. 

It is recommended to clean before storing and using cedar, lavender, rosemary & thyme (placed in a small cloth bag) should naturally repel moths.

Pulls or Snags

If a piece of yarn gets caught on something and pulled out, lay the blanket flat, examine the area it came from. If it is a short pull, encourage it back in by gently using your darning needle to pull the yarn back in, amending the surrounding stiches where they became tighter with the pull.

If it is a long pull, never cut the wool, encourage it back as far as possible as above and if there is an excess loop, tie a tiny knot in the wool so it inserts back into the stitching neatly.

Warning: sharp object –darning needle:  please take care with the needle and keep out of reach of children and babies