Ériu Wool Accessories Collection

    Relax, kick your feet up and get cozy with this wooly accessory. Made from sustainably-sourced Irish wool, it’s perfect for keeping you warm this winter while you are cozying up at home or on the go. Wear it with or without a hat and pair it with our fingerless gloves for ultimate warmth and comfort on chilly days.

    What is a Wool Accessory?

    A wool accessory is a versatile piece and in most cases, a companion which could come in the form of a shawl, snood, neck warmer, or mittens. Ériu presents these options and leaves you int he knowledge that you have made a sustainable and durable choice that can be worn for various purposes, providing warmth and style.

    What Makes Our Wool Accessories Special?

    Our locally sourced, milled and crafted wool represents everything about sustainability.
    We offer you Irish wool, from sheep bred for wool and expertly blended fibers to achieve the warmest and most durable product. With designs that evoke a sense of Irish heritage, our accessories features an authentic design aesthetic with a contemporary twist to make it perfect for any occasion — festive or otherwise!

    Each knitted accessory is handmade in Ireland from sustainably-sourced Irish wool using our two signature stitches, the Rib Knit and the Honeycomb.

    Hand-knit in Ireland, Ériu's wool accessories are made sustainably from Irish wool. It's also available in three colors: Rosebud, Sea Song, and Honeybee. All of our products are made with Earth-safe dyes and processes and sourced from raw materials verified as responsible and traceable.