Ériu is rising. Goddess of Fertility, Abundance and Sovereignty of the Land, to us Ériu embodies the concept of sustainability.

Our blankets capture her spirit. Sourced only from Irish farmers working with select sheep breeds, lovingly handcrafted in Ireland with attention to ancient practices.

To create heirlooms to hand down

We’ve curated a specifically soft and luxurious blend of pure Irish wool to wrap you and your loved ones in.

By purchasing an Ériu blanket you support Irish sheep farmers through our Farm to Yarn process.

You incentivise an industry that used to form the backbone of Ireland but for the last few
decades has gone into a tragic decline.

We value

Our natural resources, our farmers, our craft makers.

We honor

Our ancestral wisdom of working with wool and we honor our land. We reject unethical or polluting practices.

This is slow, sustainable and sovereign practice, just the way our ancestors worked.

Ériu is rising. She knows the value of our land. We invite you to take her hand and be part of our sustainability story.

Did you know wool is:

A renewable natural resource, 100% biodegradable. Extremely breathable for maximum comfort.


Ériu – Patron Goddess of Ireland

Queen of fertility, abundance and sovereignty, she is often felt to be the personification of the Land itself.


What sustainability means to us

We care about our land and our planet and we like working with people who care. Find out just how we do this…