Luxury Irish Wool Yarn & Blankets

We hand source fleeces from our own farm and our network of sustainable farmers, restoring an ancient Irish legacy

Our wool is sourced, milled and handmade in Ireland nurturing a thoroughly sustainable and circular design

Our luxury Ériu blend of yarn comprises 100% Irish wool which is chosen for it's unique characteristics of softness, drape, lustre and stitch definition.


For decades, Irish wool has been devalued, ignored and exported. Our mission is to create a value for Irish wool again, by curating select breeds and selecting exceptional wool for our yarn.

We named our company Ériu, the patron Goddess of Ireland, to remind us of our ancestors’ reverence for our natural resources.

When you create with Ériu yarn, or attain an Ériu garment, you utilise an authentic piece of Irish heritage. You further a circular, sustainable life cycle for a garment and create heirlooms, to keep, to love and to hand down, all the while contributing to a better future for our planet and our descendents.

Our Farmers

As farmers ourselves, we have a value and understanding of the farming community which is why we built our Farm to Yarn networks. Incentivising growth and preservation of this valuable national resource, along with a respect for animal husbandry and welfare, is our priority.

We visit every farm, hand select every fleece, ensuring a low carbon, ethical and fully traceable supply chain.

Our Mill

We are privileged to have our wool spun by the iconic Woollen Mill, Donegal Yarns, in Donegal. Their legacy for creating the finest yarns is globally reknowned. Utilising decades of knowledge combined with cutting edge technology, their sustainable processes along with their attention to detail make them leaders in their field.

Our Makers

Our knitters, Ann and Anne, based in Lucan, Dublin have over 40 years experience with luxury yarns and knitwear design. Each garment they create is loomed by hand, infusing every stitch with loving attention and age old tradition.
Our weavers are the 6th generation and exceptionally talented Molloy & Sons, based in Donegal. Their ancestral wisdom and heritage of working with native skills ensure the utmost performance from our precious yarn as it's woven into blankets and fabrics.

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Our Collaborators

We work with various collaborators to help us stay true to our goals with - and for - Irish wool.