Wool Blankets


    Ériu Washable Wool Blankets Collection

    Few items in your home are as timeless as a handmade 100% Irish wool blanket. Made from the highest quality sustainable wool sourced in Ireland, Ériu’s collection of washable wool blankets sets the standard as an ideal gift for anyone on your list. Our blankets come in three stunning colorways and two convenient sizes, which can be combined into multiple gift sets as well.

    Soft, Warm, and Cozy

    Our Family Blanket is everything a throw blanket should be. Handcrafted from yarn made of a proprietary blend of Romney and Blue-Face Leicester Wool sourced from family farms around Ireland, our wool blankets are supremely soft and deliciously cozy. As lovely to look at as they are to touch, our washable wool blankets come in three gorgeous colorways inspired by nature: Pink Rosebud, Blue Sea Song, and Yellow Honeybee. 

    The Perfect Balance of Luxurious and Practical

    A handcrafted wool blanket is the ultimate marriage of luxurious natural fiber and resilient, sturdy materials and craftsmanship. While not strictly machine washable, our wool blankets are still relatively simple to care for and, when properly maintained, will serve you and your loved ones for years to come. Like a pure silk scarf or a cashmere sweater, our Irish wool blankets age gracefully and are meant to be passed down from one generation to the next.

    Caring for Your Blanket

    Washing and drying your wool throw is easy: simply handwash or wash on the delicate cycle using a mild, eco-friendly, or wool-friendly detergent, then lay flat or hang to dry. Because wool is naturally moisture-wicking, there is no need to wring it out. Just roll your washed wool blanket in a towel to absorb excess moisture, then unroll and let the sun and air take care of the rest. Avoid tumble drying your wool blanket as it can cause pilling and shrinking of the wool. Your blanket will become even softer with time and proper care. 

    A Versatile, Heirloom-Quality Treasure

    Our wool blankets are perfect as a gift with understated elegance. Our signature Honeycomb and reverse rib stitch pattern lend a rustic yet refined look to our blankets and allow them to complement any home decor style or aesthetic. Whether thrown over an armchair or tossed on as a shawl, Ériu offers a variety of ethical, sustainable wool blankets certain to be a cherished fixture of your sitting room, bedroom, or home office for years. 

    Handmade Sustainably in Ireland With Love

    At Ériu, we believe in looking to the past to secure the future, which is why all our blankets are created the old-fashioned way: ethically, sustainably, and by hand. We source all our wool in Ireland, reducing our company’s overall carbon footprint and supporting an industry that has been active in Ireland for thousands of years. We are pleased to share our love of natural fiber, happy sheep, and the lush Irish countryside with you and your family, and hope that we make a product you will truly treasure forever.