Sustainability at Ériu

Sustainability and collaboration are the vision and vehicle of our company. We value every person and every animal we work alongside and believe in honouring these relationships as well as our land.

We are learning that sustainability is a journey and not an overnight solution. We can only change things one step at a time, however we believe that by working with like-minded people and companies we can evolve quicker and contribute to a collective impact on sustainability.

Our Wool

We only work with farmers who are aligned with our ethos of sustainability and a high level of animal welfare. As we source direct from the farms, in person, we have the opportunity to witness first hand the level of care and attention given to the land and the animals.  

By working with these farmers, we are learning more about reclaiming our ancient appreciation of wool and are creating our own flock of two specific breeds, the Romney and the Blue-Face Leicester, on our farm in Co. Wicklow.

Irish sheep farmers have faced seemingly insurmountable challenges with a national decline in the value of our wool combined with global economics which have led to the cost of shearing a sheep being more expensive than selling their wool, for the past few decades. We are now creating a fair-trade network of suppliers and are guaranteeing a fixed and fair price for the select breeds we use.

Our Mill

We have collaborated with Donegal Yarns who blend and spin our yarn. Chris and the team are true advocates of sustainability and grass-roots small projects like ours. Their talents and knowledge alongside his support and advice, have been fundamental in our journey.

Our Knitters

Ann Byrne and Anne O’Brien based in Dublin, have been working with luxury fibres for over 40 years and know the value of sustainable natural fibres. Their knitting and designing skills are world class and they hold an authentic knowledge of Ireland’s heritage with wool and textiles. They are delighted to work with our unique and local Irish blend of wool, likening it to a softer version of Ireland’s original Aran blend. They form another local link to our supply chain process, ensuring a low carbon footprint manufacture.

Our Film & Photography

We are delighted to collaborate with well-known Irish film-maker Alan Gilsenan whose passion for nature and sustainability captured the beauty in our Farm to Yarn process. We also worked alongside his talented assistant DOP and editor, Eileen Timmons.

Our Music

We have been so lucky to collaborate with Woven Kin whose incredible vocal and musical talents capture the spirit of nature and beauty. Siobhán Moore and Aisling Urwin believe in the concept of sustainable practices when it comes to fashion and textiles and have been extremely generous in sharing their extraordinary music from their latest album Hibernate.

Our Web Developers

Thooja is an Irish led international team of talented web designers and developers who only work with sustainable brands. So we are delighted to join their client list.

Our Packaging

Skyscraper, led by James Greany in Dingle, Co Kerry, has been instrumental in advising and sourcing us on sustainable packaging and carbon footprint. He supplies our boxes, envelopes, courier bags and blanket labels.


Made from 100% plantable compostable paper using plant based inks.


Made using recycled cardboard, printed with plant based inks.

Courier Bags

Made from 100% biodegradable plastic.

Woven Labels

Made from R-PET recycled material from certified suppliers.

Postcards & Care cards & stickers

FSC certified and ECF, printed with plant based inks.

Tissue Paper

FSC certified and is fully recyclable and compostable once shredding and kept in a composting environment.

Our Printers

Are The Factory, based in Birr, Co. Offaly, they are Ireland’s leading eco-friendly printers.

Our Collaborators