Embracing Bealtaine and Honouring Tradition at Ériu

As May is month of celebrating Bealtaine, at Ériu we honoured the season's traditions and our patron goddess after whom we are named after - Ériu.

Ériu was the Patron Goddess of Ireland. Queen of fertility, abundance and sovereignty, she is often felt to be the personification of the Land itself. These are the three principles that we embody into all aspects of our work. From Family Heirloom blankets to Tara Woven Shawls, each piece carries with it a story of heritage and tradition, weaving together past and present in a tapestry of Irish culture. 

Bealtaine held profound significance for Ériu, marking the time when she and her sisters Banbha and Fodlha repelled invading forces from Ireland. Scaling Uisneach in West Meath, where the Bealtaine Fire Festival is still celebrated annually, and engaged in negotiations and insisted that the land be forever associated with her name. Henceforth, it was called Éireann (after Ériu), evolving over time into Ireland.

Throughout May in Ireland we continue to celebrate the traditional festival of Bealtaine.

At Ériu, Bealtaine is a sacred time where we pay homage to Ériu by celebrating in her honour to safeguard our farm, animals, and the prosperity of our land. We continue to gather and engage in traditions of the Fire Festival passed down through generations, invoking blessings upon our fields and livestock. Through ceremonies we seek to ensure the fertility and health of our land, promising a bountiful yield and the highest quality wool for our products throughout the year.

By honouring Ériu during Bealtaine, we renew our connection to her, the land and reaffirm our commitment to our three principles of fertilityabundance and sovereignty thus preserving the ancient traditions that sustain both our business and our beloved Irish heritage.

As we honour the magic of Bealtaine and the natural cycles it represents, may Ériu's inspiration guide us, reminding us of the timeless beauty and strength found within Ireland's heritage.

Every step of our process reflects a deep respect for the land and its traditions, honouring Ériu's legacy of stewardship and abundance.

As we celebrate the changing of the seasons and the magic of Bealtaine, may Ériu serve as a reminder of the beauty and capabilities of our land's resources and how truly amazing Wool is as a natural abundant resource.



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