7 Best Baby Blankets of 2023

If you are looking for a baby blanket for your little one or to purchase one as a gift, you’ve come to the right place. With so many different types of blankets to choose from, we’ve shortlisted the best option for each category to help you select the right one. Read on to see our top picks for 2023.

Best Baby Blankets At A Glance

Types of Baby Blankets

Receiving Blankets

Just as the name implies, a receiving blanket is used to wrap the baby in, as the little one is passed from one pair of arms to another. These are lightweight blankets that are frequently washed and need to be durable.

Receiving blankets can also be used for swaddling, breastfeeding cover-ups, and play mats. You can also use receiving blankets for changing diapers and for wrapping your baby up after a bath.

Crib Blankets

A crib blanket works alongside a good set of sheets to keep your baby comfortable. Since it is considered unsafe for a baby to sleep with a full blanket until the age of one, crib blankets serve just a decorative purpose initially. 

Swaddle Blankets 

Swaddle blankets are large blankets that are wrapped around a baby to provide comfort and support. Today, many variations of swaddle blankets have been adapted to make this task easier, especially for new parents. Think Velcro, buttons, or zippers. Many sizes of swaddle blankets are available.

Security Blankets

These are the blankets both babies and toddlers love. Security blankets offer a sense of safety and are just nice for a child to hold on to. They are usually extremely soft and may even have character heads on top. Security blankets are an alternative to stuffed animals.

The Best Baby Blankets List

Overall Best Baby Blanket

Ériu Baby Blanket

Price: $$$

Size: 36in x 60in

Material: 100% Irish Wool

Available From: Ériu

The Irish-based Ériu crafts the finest hand-knit wool baby blankets. Our choice for the overall best blanket is the luxurious Ériu Heirloom Blanket. As the name suggests, it is meant to be handed down through the generations. 

Made from 100% sustainably sourced Irish Romney and Blue Face Leicester sheep, this blanket offers breathability and temperature regulation. It also has anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties.

This gorgeously soft blanket is hand-knit and generously sized at 26 by 26 inches. One of the wonderful qualities of high-quality Irish wool is that it continues to soften as it ages.

This heirloom blanket is knitted using both the honeycomb and clover stitch for beautiful patterning. It’s available in three colors, from light golden yellow Honeybee to delicate pink Rosebud and gentle Sea Song.

We especially love the Mum & Baby Gift Set with two beautiful blankets. The family-sized blanket measures 36 by 60 inches and is made with the same fine materials and artisanship.

With natural antibacterial properties, wool does not have to be washed often. Hanging this woolen baby blanket outside for good airing may be all it needs. Spot cleaning may be required, but this simply takes a little organic soap and water. For a deeper soak, handwash, gently squeeze out the water, and hang to dry. Do not tumble dry.

To support the environment, the packaging is made from compostable paper, recycled cardboard, and plant-based ink. 


  • Made from 100% natural Irish wool from select breeds
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Heirloom quality
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Requires less washing
  • Continues to soften with age
  • Environmentally friendly packaging


  • Price may be beyond some budgets
  • Limited colors
  • Not machine washable

Best Affordable Eco-Friendly Baby Blanket 

Best Organic Baby Blanket

Price: $

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Size: 40in x 40in

Available From: Parade

This is an inexpensive way to buy the best baby blanket that is also friendly to the environment. The Parade Everything Organic Blanket is made from natural, organic cotton and uses eco-friendly dies for printing. The fabric used is certified by GOTS international, the Global Organic Textile Standard. These Azo-free dyes are made to be gentle on baby’s skin, as are the nickel-free snaps.

This best affordable eco-friendly blanket measures 40 by 40 inches and comes in various colorful patterns. Think Citrus, Clouds Grey, Crocodiles, Fawn Deer, and Pink Bunnies. 

New moms can never have too many baby blankets. These best affordable eco-friendly blankets make an inexpensive yet fun gift to give. Unfortunately, this is a hand-wash-only item.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Created for sensitive baby skin
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns
  • A fun and inexpensive gift
  • Suitable receiving blankets option


  • Not machine washable

Best Softest Baby Blanket

Softest Baby Blanket

Price: $

Material: Polyester Mink

Size: 30in x 40in

Available From: Hudson

The best, softest blanket is made of thick snuggly polyester mink with a sherpa backing. Our favorite is the Woodland Creature pattern of cartoon-style moose, owls, foxes, and squirrels in orange and brown, set against a beige background. Pink Safari is a pink-based blanket with hippos, zebras, elephants, and giraffes. Other patterns include Buffalo Plaid, Aztec, Blue Clouds, Classic Damask, Hedgehog, and Whimsical Unicorn. 

The blanket is a considerable size measuring 30 by 40 inches. Caring for the best softest blanket is so easy. Just machine wash and dry. However, it is prone to losing its fluff, however. Be sure to wash it on its own.


  • Exceptionally soft
  • Provides warmth
  • Inexpensive
  • There are a variety of delightful prints to choose from
  • Machine washable, making it easy to wash and dry
  • Generous size


  • Not made of eco-friendly materials
  • Prone to losing fluff

Best Cotton Knit Baby Blanket

Best Cotton Knit Blanket

Price: $$

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Size: 30in x 40in

Available From: Burt’s Bee Baby

Burt Bees is a brand known for its organic honey face and body products. In 2002, they started sourcing organic, affordable 100% cotton for baby clothing and blankets. The best cotton knit baby blanket is the Burt Bees Cable Knit Blanket. This breathable blanket measuring 30 by 40 inches, is available in blossom pink or gray.

The best cotton knit blanket is easy to wash and dry. It makes for a good all-purpose baby blanket.


  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • Breathable woven cotton fabric
  • A good all-purpose blanket
  • Generous sizing
  • Machine washable


  • Only available in two colors

Best Stroller Blanket

Best Stroller Baby Blanket


Price: $$

Material: Cotton

Size: 29.5in x 29.5in

Available From: Amazon

This super warm best stroller blanket is crafted with knitted polyester yarn and lined with soft cotton. For color palettes, look to gray and green with a pink base, light blue, and vibrant red. Measuring 29.5 by 29.5 inches, it’s the best stroller blanket for taking baby out on chilly winter days. You can also use this troller blanket for tucking your little one into a car seat.

Used as a blanket for the stroller, it also adjusts to a sleep sack. The design envelopes the baby from head to toe and measures 14.2 by 29.5 inches. From indoors to outdoors, this best stroller blanket is multi-functional. The blanket has seven quick-release zippers for easy access to baby. One is a zipper at the hat to remove the hood, front zippers, and bottom zippers, all of which can be adjusted. When fully unzipped, it functions as a sleeping mat. 

Reviewers like the quality for the inexpensive price. It’s perfect for gift-giving without hitting the pocketbook. The best stroller blanket washes and dries nicely in the dryer. Unfortunately, the polyester knit makes it a blanket that is not eco-friendly.


  • Super warm
  • Great price point
  • Fits a stroller nicely
  • Generously sized blanket
  • Multi-purpose blanket
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used in a car seat


  • Made from synthetic fibers
  • Not eco-friendly

Best Security Blanket

Best Security Blanket

Price: $$

Material: Polyester 

Size: 28in x 40in

Available From: Amazon

This is a security blanket that grows with the baby. The plush polyester fabric is a blanket with an animal face hood. If you are looking for the best security blanket, this is the one. The best security baby blanket is generously sized, measuring 28 by 40 inches. 

The Hudson Baby Unisex Toddler Hooded Animal Blanket is available in assorted colors and animal themes. We are partial to the Orange Fox, but there is also a pink version, as well as a bear, chicken, elephant, moose, and white Unicorn. Easy to wash and dry in the machine.


  • Soft fabric
  • Fun animal themes
  • Hooded design
  • Machine washable - easy to wash and dry


  • Made from synthetic fabrics
  • Not eco-friendly
  • Not safe to use in a car seat

Best Blanket and Crib Bedding Sets


Best Crib Set

Price: $$$

Material: Cotton

Size: 28in x 52in

Available From: Lambs & Ivy

A baby blanket and crib bedding set are key before decorating the nursery. This Lambs & Ivy set features one quilt measuring 28 by 52 inches. There are two fitted 100% cotton sheets and a decorative crib skirt in brushed twill. The changing pad is made in super soft Minky. There is even a diaper stacker. A favorite is the Oceania theme in shades of blue, where sea life adventures come to life. 


  • Sets allow for one shop purchasing
  • Sheets are made of soft cotton
  • Multiple designs to choose from
  • Lambs & Ivy allow carries 3, 4, and 5-piece Nursery Baby Crib Bedding Sets
  • Can purchase coordinating accessories 


  • May be too pricey for some
  • Use of synthetic fibers in some of the fabrics

How to Choose the Best Baby Blankets


The best blankets provide comfort with a soft feel for your baby’s skin. It needs to wear and wash well to remain this way too.


When your baby gets a sense of comfort from their blanket, they will want to keep it around. Many toddlers take their favorite blanket with them everywhere. Durability is important. 

The best baby blankets for your baby will need to withstand a lot of use. Each needs to be sturdy, as well as fade and pill-resistant.

Materials and Care 

Materials matter. This is what touches the baby’s skin. The best baby blankets for you and your baby depend on your needs. The best baby blanket for winter will not be the best baby blanket for summer. Some moms prefer a blanket that soothes the baby with texture and sensory. Others consider only certain fabrics will do. When choosing the best baby blankets for you, also note washability. 


Wool Baby Blanket

Wool is a natural and sustainable fiber. As it ages, superior-quality wool becomes even softer. Wool keeps a baby warm on a chilly night, but it also helps to regulate your baby’s body temperature because it contains natural moisture wicking.  

Did you know wool is hypoallergenic? This makes wool one of the best baby blankets for your baby. Additionally, it's both fire and mildew resistant.

Air out your favorite wool baby blanket occasionally by hanging it outside. Refresh it with a soft-bristled brush, gliding it along the direction of the grain in the wool baby blanket. Be sure to follow the directions on the label for washing. With proper care, your best baby blanket, made from luxuriously soft, natural wool, can be handed down to the next generation.


Cotton Baby Blanket

Cotton is another natural fiber. It’s easy to wash, dry, and care for. When it comes to the best blanket made from cotton, look for 100% cotton on the label. When you are considering the best baby blanket, you may wish to reach for a cotton baby blanket for everyday use. Both regular cotton baby blankets and organic cotton baby blankets are available on the market.


Muslin is a loose-weave fabric that is extremely lightweight. Most muslin on the market is made from 100 % cotton. Although you will find fiber blends that include silk or viscose, cotton is the most breathable. The highest quality cotton muslin is extremely soft. If these characteristics are what you are looking for, then a muslin blanket may be the best baby blanket for you. 

Muslin takes more care than other fabrics made from cotton fibers. It requires gentle laundry soap, although it can be washed in the washing machine. Hang or lie flat. When almost dry, fluff it in the dryer on low heat.


Bamboo Baby Blanket

Some mothers select bamboo as their top choice for the best baby blanket. Bamboo is soft. It also is the fabric of choice for babies with overly sensitive skin, and it is hypoallergenic.

This eco-friendly fiber which needs minimal water to grow, can be grown without pesticides and helps to reduce greenhouse emissions. Additionally, it is the only natural fabric that is UV resistant.


Jersey Baby Blanket

Jersey is a fabric that originated in the Channel Islands and was once only made from pure wool. Today it is most commonly made with cotton or a cotton synthetic blend. The fibers in the jersey fabric determine the price.

Single jersey or jersey knit is the lightest weight fabric created in a single ply. Interlocking or interlock jersey is made from a double side layer. Jacquard is a jersey fabric that features interlocking designs which may be simple or complex. Cloque jersey is named after the French word for blister and has a raised texture. Slub jersey has a slubby texture. Stretch jersey contains spandex. To lessen the impact on the environment, choose pure cotton or wool jersey fabrics. 


Fleece Baby Blanket

Fleece is made from polyester and other synthetic fibers. It is brushed to create a wool-like feel with a nubby texture. It is extremely warm, so it works as a stroller blanket in cooler weather. It also offers good protection against rain and snow. Fleece blankets can also be used within a car seat so your little one can ride in luxury. Cleaning is a breeze. Just wash, dry, and use. Launder fleece blankets separately, or the nubs may attach to other fabrics in the wash. 

Fleece may not be the best baby blanket for you if you are worried about sustainability and its environmental impact. Synthetic fibers are not biodegradable. Additionally, fleece may have a chemical coating to make it wind and water-resistant. Search for Eco-fleece, made using recycled polyester, as a better option. 


Minky Baby Blanket

Minky is a polyester fabric that is extremely soft and thicker than fleece. Baby blankets made of Minky have a bumpy texture. You will also see this fabric named ribbon Minky, print Minky, cuddle fabric, or dimple dot. It also has the properties of being stain-repellent. Like fleece, it is exceptionally warm and makes for a great stroller blanket.

Minky is easy to care for. Simply wash it in cold water and remove it before it dries 100%. Then, hang it up. It is important to remember not to iron it. Like polyester, Minky is not a natural fiber, unlike wool, cotton, and bamboo. Therefore, Minky is not biodegradable. 


Sherpa Baby Blanket

Sherpa is fabricated to look like real sheepskin. Using synthetic fibers, sherpa is crafted to be fluffy and soft. It is often used on one side of a baby blanket.


We trust that following these suggestions and guidelines will help you find the very best baby blankets for your baby.

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