Who is Ériu, the Patron Goddess of Ireland?

Queen of fertility, abundance and sovereignty, she is often felt to be the personification of the Land itself.

  • The name Ériu comes from old Irish, which can be translated along the lines of fullness, bounty, abundance.
  • She was from the Tuatha Dé Danann, (Tribe of the Goddess Danu) a legendary race who inhabited Ireland in ancient times. They were known for their supernatural and magical powers.
  • When Ireland was taken over by invaders known as the Milesians, Ériu and her two sisters, Banbha and Fodhla stood against them. Ériu climbed to the top of the sacred hill of Uisneach, and demanded that the Land bear her name after their tribe disappeared. Her request was honoured and Ireland (the English version of her name) is named after her to this day.
  • After the invasion, the Tuatha Dé Danann passed into the Otherworld, a supernatural realm of kingdoms below ground, where they have been the muse of many the artist, poet and person. As a tribe who honoured the land and its offerings, perhaps it is time to remember their ancient wisdom? That is why we believe, Ériu is rising…

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ériu mean?

Ériu means "fullness, bounty, and abundance" when translated from Irish to English. Ériu also translates to Ireland and is where the country gets its name.

How was Ireland named?

Ireland was named after the goddess, Ériu, who defended its land from invaders known as the Milesians.

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