Men's Wool Hats

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    Ériu Men’s Wool Hats Collection

    Beanie. Watch Cap. Knit Cap. Skullcap. Toque. It doesn’t matter what you call our Men’s Wool Hat - just as long as you call it when you need the superior comfort and breathability of wool on your head.

    A Functional, Versatile Classic

    The origin and history of the men’s wool beanie are widely debated--did it start in Wales or Scandanavia? Which revolutionaries wore it better: the French or the Americans? Is it better to wear your wool hat at a jaunty angle on top of your head, or pulled down over your ears to keep them warm (the answer to this question: yes.) No matter what you call it or how you wear your wool beanie, it remains one of the most beloved and practical pieces of headgear available, and our 100% Irish wool varieties are sure to delight anyone with a head.

    Sustainably Sourced and Constructed to Last

    We handcraft our mens wool hat from 100% Irish wool in Ireland. That means our product is not only high-quality from materials we hand select ourselves--it’s also sustainably made, so you can feel good about gifting (or getting) a wool hat that is not just good for you, but good for the planet.

    Moisture Wicks Away. Warmth Stays In.

    Humans lose a great deal of body heat from our heads, and anyone who has gone hatless on a cold day can tell you from experience what a difference warm ears can make. Wool is engineered by nature to achieve optimal temperature regulation and moisture wicking, so our mens wool beanie is a natural choice of headwear for just about any activity that sees you outdoors--whether that’s a hike in the countryside or a short commute to work.

    Easy to Wear, Easy to Care For

    Because wool is naturally antimicrobial and odor-resistant, our men’s wool hats are a snap to take care of. Most of the time, your wool beanie will be fine to wait for your next adventure on a hat rack or in your closet. But, on the rare occasion that your wool hat does need cleaning, simply hand wash it and lay it flat to dry.

    The Perfect Gift for Him

    Men can be notoriously hard to shop for when a gift-giving season rolls around. Fortunately, our men’s wool beanie hat helps you take the guesswork out of giving him a high-quality, meaningful gift that he’ll use for years. Elegantly constructed with our signature Honeycomb stitch and available in two complementary colorways, our men’s wool hat can be shipped free to anywhere in the world.