Knitted Heirloom Baby Blankets

    4 products

    4 products

    Looking for the perfect soft baby blanket? Our soft baby blanket collection by Ériu is pure perfection. Also known as a receiving blanket, these super soft baby blankets are an ideal baby gift for the special little one in your life. Inspired by our Irish grandmothers who wouldn’t dream of wrapping babies in anything other than the softest, warmest wool, Eriu’s knitted heirloom baby blanket collection is made with a special blend of Leicester and Romney wools sourced from sustainable Irish farms. Our super soft baby blankets are 26 inches by 26 inches and come in three beautiful pastel colorways: yellow, pink, and blue. 

    Exquisitely Soft and Comfortable

    Our soft baby blanket collection is made from 100% sustainable Irish wool, sourced from small farms in Ireland. The handmade result is a beautifully plush product with excellent loft and an heirloom-quality feel that distinguishes it from most baby blankets on the market. We use our signature Honeycomb stitch pattern to center the special qualities of our proprietary blend of Irish wools, and the result is a stunningly cozy and unique product.

    Beautiful Colors and Design

    Our blankets come in three gorgeous colorways certain to match any nursery decor: Rosebud Pink, Sea Song Blue, and Honeybee Yellow. These handcrafted blankets have a generous edge on all sides, ideal for swaddling babies or tucking a sleeping toddler into her car seat. Our blankets also make a fantastic spot for babies to play on the floor or practice tummy time. The timeless colors and design of our blankets make them a gorgeous and functional addition to your or a loved one’s diaper bag for any season or outing.

    Hand Crafted to Breathe

    We handcraft our baby blankets using a combination of our signature Honeycomb and Clover stitches to enhance breathability while still keeping the baby warm. Because of their breathability, our blankets also make a fantastic nursing cover to throw in the diaper bag while on the go. And thanks to the high-quality textiles we use, stroller naps are a breeze in just about any weather when you have one of our blankets on hand.

    Unparalleled Durability and Versatility

    If you’ve never experienced a wool baby blanket before, there are a few things worth noting that make them stand out. You will find that wool baby blankets are generally sturdier than the average swaddling blanket. While not machine washable, the natural antimicrobial properties of wool mean that this blanket requires much less washing than most baby receiving blankets. When your blanket does require washing, simply handwash in gentle, wool-friendly detergent, then line dry or lay flat for best results. 

    An Unforgettable Baby Gift

    These heirloom blankets are perfect as a baby shower gift or baptism gift. They are the next best thing to hand-knitting a baby blanket yourself! Made from high-quality Irish wool, our blankets are understated and elegant while being deliciously soft and cozy. These blankets showcase a wonderfully artisanal quality that makes them stand out among more mass-produced options. We handcraft all our blankets with the future in mind and hope you and your family will cherish yours for years to come.