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    Ériu, Banbha and Fodlha were three sisters and Sovereignty Queens of the Tuatha Dé Dannan, the magical race that inhabited Ireland and was written about extensively throughout Irish mythology and folklore. The concept of a Sovereignty Queen or Goddess was a title given to the one who was so connected to the Land that she intuited its welfare and how best to caretake it and, therefore, the community around it. Her wisdom and knowledge were respected and listened to, for She always had the best interests of the community and the Land at heart. It was even these Sovereignty Queens who were trusted to appoint the Kings so that they would be chosen according to these principles of guardianship.

    That is why we called our company Ériu, as she embodies our Farm to Yarn process, where it is our priority to care for the sheep and the farmers in our network of suppliers. By this sustainable process and caring for our community and Land, we extend this to our community of customers far and wide, who can feel good knowing their garment was made with exceptional care for the environment both locally and globally whilst also reviving these ancient and dying traditions here in Ireland.

    When Ireland was invaded by its final settlers, these three sisters climbed to the top of high hills around Ireland in defence of the country.

    The invading army was too large to overcome, so instead of fighting them, the trinity of sisters called on their names to be remembered, and it was Ériu who finally negotiated that the Land bear her name. Ériu - Eireann - Erin - Ireland, which remembers her to this day.

    Banbha and Fodlha, her powerful and honourable sisters, also fought for the protection of the Land.

    Banbha, a highly skilled Druidess, wielded her magic in defence of Ireland and its people and sought to stop the incoming army.

    Fodlha, who was intimately connected with the Fairy realms, called on “ a swift Fairy host”, along with a crow who represented the infamous Morrigan, to harass and delay the invaders.

    Poets testify that all the sisters’ names were honoured, and in ancient times Ireland was known interchangeably by the three names. However, it’s Ériu’s name that survived to this day.

    Whilst these Sovereignty Queens have been long gone, they have never been forgotten, and their spirit lives on in the hearts of many. This is why we chose to honour them for our first knitwear collection.