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    Ériu Women’s Snoods Collection

    Relax, kick your feet up and get cozy with this wooly snood. Made from sustainably-sourced Irish wool, it’s perfect for keeping you warm this winter while you are cozying up at home or on the go. Wear it with or without a hat and pair it with our fingerless gloves for ultimate warmth and comfort on chilly days.

    What is a Snood?

    While it might sound like an invention from a Dr. Seuss book, snoods in Ireland have a long history dating back hundreds of years. A snood is only the best type of scarf you’ve never heard of. Very similar to an infinity scarf, tube scarf, neck warmer, or neck gaiter, a snood is a type of headgear usually worn by women but sometimes by men. It is a long tube of fabric that can be drawn up over the head and neck to cover the head or draped around the neck.

    A Practical and Toasty Tradition

    The word "snood" derives from the Old English word "snod", meaning "tucked up".

    The snood was originally designed for ladies who wanted to cover their hair without adding any bulk to their hairstyle. It has been used since medieval times and was seen as an alternative to wearing a hat or other types of headgear. Snoods for women experienced a style resurgence in the 1940s when women entered the workforce and needed a solution to keep their hair back while working.

    In modern times, it can be worn interchangeably as a scarf but can also be pulled up over the head like a hoodie.

    What Makes Our Snoods Special?

    Our wool snood scarf for women is made from sustainably-sourced wool, hand-knit in Ireland, and offered in three beautiful colors. With designs that evoke a sense of Irish heritage, our women's collection features an authentic design aesthetic with a contemporary twist to make it perfect for any occasion — festive or otherwise!

    Our Aran snood scarf is a perfect companion for Irish weather, sporting a design that offers warmth and protection. Each knitted snood is handmade in Ireland from sustainably-sourced Irish wool using our two signature stitches, the Rib Knit and the Honeycomb.

    Hand-knit in Ireland, our Eriu Women's Snood is made sustainably from Irish wool. It's also available in three colors: Rosebud, Sea Song, and Honeybee. All of our products are made with Earth-safe dyes and processes and sourced from raw materials verified as responsible and traceable.