Fingerless Wool Gloves

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    3 products

    Ériu Fingerless Wool Gloves Collection

    “I love having cold and clammy hands!” said no one ever.

    Keep your hands snug and toasty with our fingerless wool gloves. Soft and lightweight, these gloves are perfect for Autumn, Winter, and early Spring, and can be layered up or worn on their own. 

    Ériu’s fingerless wool gloves are made with time-tested, artisanal craftsmanship using our signature two stitches, the Honeycomb and the Rib, to create a perfect balance of structure and durability. Our wool fingerless gloves come in three gorgeous complementary colorways: sunny yellow Honeybee, soothing blue Sea Song, and dusky pink Rosebud. 

    Wool: The Best Material for Gloves in Any Season

    Your hands are more than just holders for your phone. Did you know the human hand has over 17,000 touch receptors in the palm alone? Hands are sensitive, hard-working, and indispensable - so treat them with respect and dress them for success in wool.

    Wool is the ultimate miracle fiber, engineered by nature over millennia to help regulate body temperature. 

    Wool can also absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture, wicking it away from your skin so your hands stay dry and comfortable even on the rainiest Autumn stroll. 

    If they do get wet, simply lay your fingerless wool gloves flat to dry (preferably next to a cozy fire while you put the kettle on) and reshape them so they’re ready for your next adventure.

    Warm Hands, Free Fingers

    Don’t sacrifice dexterity for warmth. Ériu’s wool gloves come in a classic fingerless design that works perfectly on its own or layered under a waterproof shell on the coldest days. 

    Your hands will thank you when you no longer have to pull off a mitten with your teeth to return a text or look up directions. 

    Ethically Sourced and Crafted. Inherently Sustainable. 

    Like all our products, Ériu’s fingerless wool gloves are handcrafted entirely from wool responsibly sourced in Ireland. 

    Unlike polyester or acrylic, wool is naturally biodegradable - but our wool products are designed to last, so you probably won’t need to compost them anytime soon. 

    We also take exceptional pride in paying farmers a fair market price for their wool, both to ensure the impeccable quality of our products and to help maintain a viable market for Irish-grown wools. We are proud to work with a supply chain your grandmother would recognize to create heirloom-quality products made to last a lifetime.