Baby Girl Hats

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    Ériu Baby Girl Hats Collection

    Our Ériu Baby Girl Hats Collection is hand-knitted in Ireland using sustainably sourced wool. The soft, breathable hats are offered in three colors and are perfect for any baby or toddler girl. Made locally in Ireland, we take pride in the high quality of our wool and are proud to say these baby hats have been thoroughly tested on real babies!

    Protect Your Precious Cargo

    Babies lose heat from their heads much quicker than adults, so keep your baby girl safe with a beanie. The extra layer of protection will keep your little one warm and cozy during the cold winter months. In addition to warmth, a beanie or winter hat will also protect them from the sun's harmful rays and shield them from the wind.

    Hand-knitted for babies, our baby hats will keep your little one warm and cozy. Our baby girl beanies are available in Pink Rosebud, Yellow Honeybee, or Blue Sea Song to match any little lady’s bunting on a stylish walk through the neighborhood. Or complete the look with matching Mommy and Me beanies - they look just as good on grownups as they do on babies!

    What Makes Our Winter Hats Different?

    Baby girl winter hats are easy to find in any children’s store, so what makes Ériu winter hats for babies different from the rest? Our craftsmanship. While you might not have access to your very own Irish grandmother to knit a beanie for your baby girl, we are proud to offer the next best thing.

    At Ériu, we are obsessed with tradition and doing things the “old” way. In this case, the old refers to our traditional skill at knitting, designing, and creating quality products that we love and hope you do too.