Luxury Irish Wool Yarn & Blankets

Handmade pieces using 100% Irish wool
which are restoring an ancient legacy

Through our unique Farm to Yarn process, we hand source fleeces from our own farm and our network of sustainable farmers across Ireland.

Our wool is milled, designed and handmade in Ireland nurturing a thoroughly sustainable and circular design.

Our natural resources

We named our company Ériu, the patron Goddess of Ireland, to remind us of our ancestors’ reverence for our natural resources.

Our ancestral wisdom

For decades, Irish wool has been devalued, ignored and exported.Our mission is to create a value for Irish wool again, by curating select breeds of exceptional wool for our products and incentivising farmers to help rebuild this industry that has been tragically forgotten.

When you invest in an Ériu garment, you attain an authentic piece of Irish heritage. You create an heirloom, to keep, to love and to hand down.

Ériu is rising. She knows the value of our land. We invite you to take her hand and be part of our sustainability story.

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