Discover the Magic of 100% Pure Irish Yarn

Our signature blend of 100% pure Irish wool was designed with all knitters in mind.

From those who want to starting knitting to those who have years of experience our Yarn, Knit Kits and Patterns were made to empower you to fashion your unique knitted creations using our sustainable eco friendly 100% Irish Yarn.

Our unique blend has a specific ratio of Romney lambswool and Blue Face Leicester, making it incredibly soft yet durable. It carries a gorgeous lustre and drapes beautifully. Spun with delicate care and expertise in Donegal Yarns, we proudly present this luxurious, one-of-its-kind Irish wool.

100% Pure Irish Yarn

Available in our color range: 


Rosebud captures the essence of the wild roses adorning the Irish landscape. The light hues invoke the gentle warmth of spring. An ideal color for crafting as it adds a subtle yet charming tone to any project.

Rosebud Knitting Yarn


Seasong reflecting the ever-changing hues of the Irish sea and sky embodies tranquility and freshness. This soft blue shade envokes feelings of peace and harmony. Perfect for any project as it adds a touch of natural beauty to any project.

Seasong Knitting Yarn


Honeybee radiates warmth, sweetness and vitality. This soft honey hue is a delightful choice for creating garments that radiate positivity and warmth. Honey bee adds a touch of optimism to any project for any knitters looking to add a sense of warmth and happiness to their creations. 

Honeybee Knitting Yarn

NEW Bluebell 

As chosen by you.. our newest addition Bluebell is inspired by our farm around May. We look forward to their arrival every year and the two species of bluebell that grow in abundance carry rich deep shades of indigo blue. This colour is so full of character and depth, it stands out in any project

Bluebell Knitting Yarn


Our undyed creamy natural option Sheepsback straight from the woolly coats of our sheep who are grazing peacefully in the Irish countryside where our Ériu farm resides. Sheepsback reflects the timeless charm of our rural landscapes and the elegance of traditional Irish craftsmanship. It lends a sense of authenticity and warmth to any project making it the perfect choice for knitters looking to connect with the rich heritage of Irish wool. 

Undyed Natural Knitting Yarn

We created our yarn for you to be able to create your very own knitted wearables made from our sustainable Irish Wool.

Ériu Knitting Creations

"Absolutely loved using wool from my very own County Wicklow for this slipover vest. I love supporting local, it’s so important that we appreciate Irish wool and I love what Ériu are doing. Keep up the good work - I’ll enjoy wearing my little vest for a long time for sure!"

Frederique B. @bluebellcottagelife

Ériu Knitting Creations


"I had the pleasure of knitting these beautiful wrist warmers from 100% Irish wool. Absolutely delighted with how they’ve turned out and they are finished just in time for this cold snap!"

- Laura. F @keeping_up_with_krochet

Now Available in  Knit Kits 

We created these Knit Kits for you to knit or crochet your own Irish masterpiece with our delightfully soft wool yarn. With an array of bright and colorful yarn to choose from the very heart of Ireland, our Knit Kits are the perfect choice to aid you in creating complex patterns and intricate designs. The beautiful combination of colors is not only unique, but it's also a real feast for your imagination.

Our Knit Kits are inspired by the Tree of Life, a symbol of strength, wisdom and interconnectedness. We designed four kits to help you weave your own stories into timeless pieces. 

Flower of Life Hat

The ‘Flower of Life Hat’, designed by Eva Varpio, is a delicate and beautiful lace stitch knit hat. The crown features a pretty lace flower detail. The hat is worked seamlessly on circular needles in Ériu Luxury Irish Yarn.

Knitted Flower of Life Hat

Tree of Life Snood

The ‘Tree of Life Snood’, designed by TBC, is a beautifully feminine lace stitch knit snood. The pretty lace detail and super soft yarn make it the perfect antidote to the winter chill. 

Tree of Life Snood Ériu

Tree of Life Shawl

The ‘Tree of Life Snood’, designed by TBC, is a beautifully feminine lace stitch knit snood. The pretty lace detail and super soft yarn make it the perfect antidote to the winter chill. 

Tree of Life Shawl Ériu

Tree of Life Mittens 

The “Tree of Life Mittens” designed by TBC, are delicate and feminine lace stitch mittens. With a super soft and cosy hand feel they will be perfect for colder days.

Tree of Life Mittens Ériu

Each Knit Kits include:

- A printed copy of The Pattern
- The number of skeins needed per pattern of our Ériu Yarn in your colour choice. 
- Your own sew in label and sewing needle

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Whether or not your a seasoned knitter or just starting out, Ériu's yarn and Knit Kits invite you to explore the depths of your creativity while honouring the tradition of Irish craftsmanship. So pick up your needles, choose your favorite Ériu shade of Yarn and let the magic of your knitting adventures begin. 

With our yarn every stitch tells a story- a story of heritage, beauty and the capabilities of our beautiful Irish landscape. 

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