Organic Blankets


    Ériu Organic Wool Blankets Collection 

    In our view, organic refers to products that stand out because they embody the best qualities their materials have to offer. Explore our collection of organic wool blankets to discover quality pieces made thoughtfully from the best possible natural materials and see the difference letting nature shine through can make.

    Our Organic Blankets Are Simple, Straightforward, and Superior

    Blankets are meant to be simple, but at Ériu we don’t believe that “simple” and “easy” are the same thing. All our organic wool blankets begin their life cycle on the backs of happy sheep grazing in the Irish countryside, and we strive to ensure that every step of our production process is as organic and natural as this initial phase. The result is an heirloom-quality product that is sure to be treasured by your family for years into the future.

    Superior Comfort Made from Renewable, Sustainable Wool

    We source our wool from local farmers who manage their farms and flocks using time-tested sustainability practices. Is this the most efficient method for sourcing fiber? Absolutely not. But it’s how we do things, and we’re proud to be a little bit old-fashioned. By looking to the past to inform the future, we hope to create a more sustainable world for ourselves and the generations that come next.

    Our Blankets Are Safe for People and the Planet

    Our organic blankets are handmade in Ireland with 100% Irish wool. We use a limited, fully Ireland-based supply chain to help reduce our carbon footprint and support agricultural practices that have helped sustain the land and the people who have lived on it for generations. We are proud to use fair trade practices at every step of our sourcing process and believe that caring for those who make our products doesn’t have to come at the cost of quality.

    Strong, Soft, and All-Natural - Everything A Blanket Should Be

    Wool is prized for blankets and other household goods because of its durability and softness. A well-constructed wool blanket can last for a generation more when cared for properly, and we strive to make all of our blankets heirloom-quality by hand. Ériu organic blankets incorporate our signature Honeycomb stitch and use a proprietary blend of Romney and Blue-Face Leicester wools to create a final product that can be loved by your family for decades to come.

    The Ultimate Natural Multitasker

    We love the easy versatility our organic blankets have to offer. Our customers use their blankets at their desks, in strollers, or as shawls--and of course on their favorite sofas or armchairs. Our eco-friendly, sustainable, and beautiful organic wool blankets make a stunning gift for any newlywed, new parent, recent graduate, or anyone who appreciates the elegance of a handcrafted heirloom to warm up their space. Ériu organic blankets also make exceptional gifts to thank a host or hostess for opening their home during festive times of the year.